• Glaucoma


    At Dholakia Eye Clinic, we have all the equipments required for detecting and following up glaucoma patients.
    - Eye Pressure Measurment
    - Perimetery
    - OCT [Citi Scan of Eye]
    - Angle OCT

    Glaucoma Glaucoma is when the Intra ocular pressure (IOP) of the eye is more than the normal.

    Usually the normal is 10-21mm Hg.

    The IOP should be a pachymetry corrected pressure (specially post LASIK).

    It is hereditary.

    There can be open or closed angle glaucoma.

    Glaucoma due to any other pre existing cause such as inflammation is called secondary glaucoma.

    There are no symptoms in the early stages.

    Hence all patients visiting the clinic above he age of 40 are routinely screened for the same.

    The eye pressure, optic disc evaluation, Perimetery and an OCT help us treat and see the progression of the disease.

    Treatment is with eye drops that lower the eye pressure.

    Lasers too can be performed.

    If upto 4 different drops cannot bring the pressure down then one can always resort to surgery.

    This is called a trabeculectomy.

    This can be done with or without a shunt.

    Your doctor will advice you the procedure that is best suited for you.